Associates of act-uk

Kay Millar: founder

Kay has 20 years national and international experience working with diverse individuals and organisation in the public, private, trade union, voluntary and community sectors. Prior to consultancy, her background was in finance, film, management, lecturing in Further Education and as a leader/facilitator at the Centre for Active Citizenship. She is a graduate of Birmingham University and has a post graduate degree in ‘Coaching and Mentoring Practice’ from Oxford Brookes University. She is also a preferred consultant for NIACE (National Institute of Adult Continuing Education).

Kay has extensive experience, skills and knowledge of people and diverse organisation. She is a change agent, meaningfully involving and developing leadership at all levels of organisation, irrespective of sector and focus and equally adept at involving hard to reach individuals and groups in matters which interest them. She uses a gestalt approach to individual and group experience/dynamics, supporting people to challenge and reflect on established ways of working. She is an advocate of action learning techniques, democratic process and experiential example as the basis for learning.

Kay is also a zumba instructor!

Dr. Ross Millar

Ross is a social researcher by background with a particular interest in health and social care. He has worked with Kay on a number of projects over the years ranging from the evaluation of service improvement projects to more recently the organisational development of children's services. Ross specialises in the use of qualitative methods to explore how practitioners experience policy and governance related issues.

Marion Thomson Phd

Marion has extensive experience working with organisations, unions and community groups supporting leadership and capacity-building programs. During her career she has worked in the field of equity and human rights, labour education, community and international development, community based business planning, participatory governance, organisational development, participatory research and evaluation. She has worked in the social housing and the community sector developing curriculum and facilitating innovative programs with staff, managers, tenants and community members in Canada, UK and West Africa, linking Toronto and Ghanaian youth using arts based methods and popular theatre was part of this. Marion believes in the transformative power of intergenerational programs.

She has a Master’s and PhD in Education (Curriculum, Teaching and Learning and Equity Studies).